Infinite Banking Package

Picture a day When Financial Control is in Your Hands…Not With A Bank, The Government or Risky Stock Market

Get A Complete Ultimate Package

This is complete Ultimate Package for:

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Who should consider a non-medical life insurance policy?

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Why Infinite Banking Package ?

  • Build and deploy capital that you own and control
  • Build and keep your Personal / Business wealth without Bay Street or Wall Street
  • Create guaranteed cash flow and achieve UNINTERRUPTED COMPOUNDING on your money
  • Create a guaranteed retirement paycheck without investment risk, tax risk, or market risk
  • Eliminate the 3 silent retirement killers
  • Eliminate the emotional drain of worrying about money
  • Estate planning is greatly simplified while Passive income is assured
  • Implement the process by seeing real case study examples of Becoming Your Own Banker in action
  • Recapture the interest that you pay to banks and finance companies for the major items that you need during a lifetime


Why Guaranteed Life Insurance?

  • The best of both worlds – combine lifetime protection and Investment with the potential to grow your savings through cash values that are accumulated in your policy
  • Lifetime guarantees – enjoy guaranteed premiums, guaranteed cash values, and a guaranteed death benefit
  • Policyowner dividends – leave them with us to earn interest, buy additional life insurance, or opt to receive them in cash … the choice is yours!
  • Savings opportunities – enjoy tax-preferred growth within your policy
  • Customized optional benefits* – choose from a selection of benefits that have been optimized to meet the needs of Canadians like you
  • Unique member benefits – support your family, your community, or a cause that you care about with our growing collection of member benefits such as: Babysitter’s Benefit, Bereaved Child Benefit, Bundles of Joy Benefit, CPR/First Aid Benefit, Mission Trips, Post-Secondary Scholarship, Online Will & Power of Attorneys, and Wills & Power of Attorney