Key Business Package

Owners & their Partners Save Huge on Life Insurance Packages. Save more with our Key Business Package.

Ready To Save More With Key Business Package?

Our Key Business Package is the best package for:

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Key Business Package Can Protect Any or All of these:

  • Hedge against Inflation
  • Adequate financing capabilities for the policy owner
  • Tax-Free Death Benefit Payout to your Family
  • Protect Your Mortgage
  • Protect Your Student Loans
  • ProtectYour Children’s Education
  • Fund Your Spouse’s income at age 70-100
  • Protect Your Corporate Debt
  • Protect Your Personal Debt
  • Fund Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Very Easy & Effective Solution
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Who should consider a non-medical life insurance policy?

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Why Key Business Package?

There are a number of significant advantages to this plan:

  • It covers multiple generations – promoted long-range planning
  • Fund any other business opportunity ie. Equipment funding
  • The Tax-free build-up of cash values over a long period of time
  • The outlay is very small compared with the ultimate yield
  • Generation paying the premium can most easily afford them.
  • When death benefit occurs, the system becomes self-sustaining
  • Precludes any need for CPP
  • Passive income is assured while estate planning is greatly simplified
  • Promotes the understanding of what stewardship is all about
  • Wealth “mentality” is transferred to succeeding generations over a long period of time to produce consistent understanding.
  • They are learning a process – not buying a product.

Money won't buy happiness - but poor stewardship of money will steal happiness.


Why Guaranteed Life Insurance?

  • The best of both worlds – combine lifetime protection and Investment with the potential to grow your savings through cash values that are accumulated in your policy
  • Lifetime guarantees – enjoy guaranteed premiums, guaranteed cash values, and a guaranteed death benefit
  • Policyowner dividends – leave them with us to earn interest, buy additional life insurance, or opt to receive them in cash … the choice is yours!
  • Savings opportunities – enjoy tax-preferred growth within your policy
  • Customized optional benefits* – choose from a selection of benefits that have been optimized to meet the needs of Canadians like you
  • Unique member benefits – support your family, your community, or a cause that you care about with our growing collection of member benefits such as: Babysitter’s Benefit, Bereaved Child Benefit, Bundles of Joy Benefit, CPR/First Aid Benefit, Mission Trips, Post-Secondary Scholarship, Online Will & Power of Attorneys, and Wills & Power of Attorney